AC42 Door Controller

An easy-to-install and manage four-door controller for cloud-control of doors, auxiliary devices and integration with your fire alarm interface.

AC42 Door Controller

Verkada’s AC42 door controller brings plug-and-play simplicity to enterprise-grade access control. Secure out-of-the-box, the AC42 supports existing door hardware and card readers while enabling cloud-based visibility into your building's doors and access events. Integration with building fire alarm interface (FAI) systems and auxiliary devices allows organizations to connect with existing infrastructure for seamless deployments.

Key Features

  • Instant Video Integration and Insights
    Instant Video Integration and Insights
  • Fire Alarm Interface Support
    Fire Alarm Interface Support
  • Cloud-based Software and Management
    Cloud-based Software and Management
  • Works with Existing Cards and Readers
    Works with Existing Cards and Readers

Verkada AC42 Door Controller

Built from the ground–up, the AC42 provides security without the complexity. Available in a versatile four-door form factor, the AC42 provides the best of on-prem security and cloud-based scalability.

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