Intrusion Deterrence

Scare off intruders before they can do damage with Verkada’s suite of talk-down and alarm signaling devices.

Talk Down to Intruders

Nothing deters intruders quite like a human voice. Talk down to staff, visitors, or potential intruders directly from the Command dashboard or mobile app.

Monitoring Agent Talk Down

Keep your facilities secure around the clock, even when you’re not available. With the addition of an Alarm License, trained monitoring agents can review footage if an alarm is raised and directly talk down to intruders.

Horn Speaker

The outdoor-rated BZ11 Horn Speaker enables users to talk down to intruders from nearly anywhere via Verkada’s Command dashboard or mobile app.

Additionally, organizations can choose to have professional monitoring agents talk down when an alarm is triggered. Prerecorded messages can also be configured to play as an automated alarm response.

Alarm Console

The BC82 Alarm Console is an all-in-one alarm device with a built-in camera and powerful two-way, talk-down speaker. The Console also contains an integrated 90dB siren that can turn on as an automated alarm response.

Turn on Sirens and Strobes

Automatically turn on sirens, strobes, or other deterrence devices as part of your alarm solution.

Wireless Relay

The BX21 Wireless Relay allows you to integrate third-party wired sirens and strobes into your wireless alarm solution.

The relay provides greater deployment flexibility and is a lighter-weight alternative to an alarm panel.

Alarm Panel

Organizations that prefer a fully wired solution can leverage the plug-and-play BP41 Alarm Panel. In addition to 32 wired inputs, the panel includes two programmable 12V outputs that support sirens or strobes.

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