5 Cybersecurity Awareness Month Posts You Should Read (Part 2)

Adrian Leven Oct 26, 2020
Adrian Leven
Adrian is a Technical Content Writer with a background in software engineering. He got his Bachelor's in Human-Computer Interaction from the Stanford School of Engineering then spent some time at Microsoft before joining Verkada.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month: The Top 3 Threats to Healthcare Organizations

At Verkada, we’re observing National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCAM) by sharing resources on major security risks. This week, the NCAM is focusing on the theme of ‘Securing Internet-Connected Devices in Healthcare.’ Learn about the biggest threats to the healthcare industry and how some technology vendors defend against them.


5 Tips for Back to Work Safety Following COVID-19

In this blog, we’ll identify common areas in a workplace and apply scenario-thinking to identify how organizations can prepare for back to work safety through practical strategic responses.