Securing More Doors with Schlage Lock Integrations

Ashwini Iyer Feb 10, 2022
Ashwini Iyer
Ashwini Iyer is a Product Manager at Verkada overseeing Access Control products.

Welcoming Alana O’Grady Lauk to Verkada’s Executive Team

We are excited to welcome Alana O’Grady Lauk to the executive team as Vice President of Communications. Alana brings storied experience in strategic communications for some of the most notable brands on the Fortune 500.


Announcing the Verkada AD32 Door Reader

Today Verkada is excited to announce that the AD32 Door Reader will be available for purchase starting Monday, March 21, 2022. The AD32 is a new high-frequency and low-frequency card reader that offers users and admins a better and more secure access control experience.