Announcing new API endpoints and permissioning for the Verkada API

Anders Holden Aug 08, 2022
Anders Holden
Anders Holden is a Product Manager at Verkada working on Camera hardware and platform services such as event management, analytics, alerting and the Verkada API. He has an MBA from University of Chicago.

5 Ways to Prevent Retail Theft with an Integrated Security System

In this blog post, we'll detail five ways that an integrated retail security system can strengthen retail loss prevention efforts and improve in-store safety.


Announcing bulk configuration of Motion, Crowd and Tamper events

On 8/29 we will support bulk configuration of Motion, Crowd and Tamper events. Previously, administrators had to set up these events individually per camera. Now, these customers can use our bulk edit functionality to quickly configure events across all their devices, thereby improving configuration quality and freeing up valuable time.