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About Our Team

We’re united by the challenge of building beautiful products, designed for real people—and by our commitment to using technology responsibly.

Engineering Values: Guiding How We Build Products

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    Smaller teams help encourage autonomy and create a more pronounced sense of ownership. Not only does this result in building features and code with more care, but it also leads to higher engagement and can contribute to overall job satisfaction.

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    We collectively put the best interest of the business above all else in every decision we make—no matter how big or small. This also means doing right by the customer, ensuring that we meet or exceed best practices around data privacy and security.

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    Persistence and Grit

    Being part of a fast-growing startup is not without its challenges. We learn from our mistakes and triumphs, we iterate and pivot when things aren’t working, and we persist no matter how difficult it might be, with our vision at the forefront of all we do.

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    Bias Towards Action

    We don’t compromise quality for speed and ship fragile code that will break easily. Rather, we take initiative to move things forward quickly in ways that meaningfully contribute to the advancement of our product.

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    As technical experts in our field, we devise novel and innovative ideas that solve customer problems in a way that products from our competitors don’t. We don’t want to be great, we want to be the best.

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    We are all laser-focused on the priorities in front of us, and collaborating with and relying upon our peers for input, feedback, and even motivation ultimately enables us to more effectively achieve our goals.

Meet The Team


Having a good company culture often makes the difference between dreading going to work versus being excited to go to work. Verkada has built a one-of-a-kind culture that excels at bringing people together inside and outside of the office and offers seemingly limitless opportunities to get to know people on different teams. The result is long lasting friendships and mentorships that go well beyond the hours of 9 am - 5 pm.

Emilia Malachowski, Product Ops on Alarms

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