Connect Any Verkada Device, Anywhere

Easily deploy Verkada anywhere with power and cell signal, including hard-to-wire locations like parking lots, construction sites, and streetlight poles.

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Meet the GC31 and GC31-E

Available in both indoor and outdoor versions, the GC31 Cellular Gateway makes it simple to deploy Verkada anywhere. Simply feed the GC31 any power input and it will send both power and data to any Verkada device via PoE.

  • Plug-and-play setup

  • Cloud-managed in Command

  • Integrated with Verkada devices

  • Verkada data plan or BYO plan

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Plug-and-play setup

Plug the GC31 into any power source and connect your Verkada devices to the gateway via PoE. Your devices are automatically online and ready to go in seconds – it’s that easy.

Cloud-managed in Verkada Command

Easily set up and manage the GC31 in Verkada Command from any device and any location. See all your gateways on a map, remotely run diagnostics, and receive alerts if connectivity is lost.

A magical connection to your Verkada devices

The GC31 natively integrates with other Verkada products to enable faster setup, remote troubleshooting, and more efficient data usage.

Unlimited data, uninterrupted connectivity

Eliminate complexity with the Verkada data plan or bring your own data plan. The Verkada plan offers truly unlimited data, multi-carrier redundancy, and 24/7 support.

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  • Deep dive webinar

    See the GC31 in action and go behind-the-scenes with the team that built the product.

  • Customer story

    See how customers are using the GC31 to deploy Verkada in places that were infeasible to secure.

  • Product blog

    Learn how the GC31 simplifies cellular deployments and explore the many use cases it unlocks.

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