Discover the latest in physical security news, trends and strategies.

Empowering the Loss Prevention Team

What's Inside

  • 3 Examples of Current Loss Prevention Strategies
  • Proactive Approaches to Stopping Shrink
  • Using Verkada to Empower the Loss Prevention Team

Integrating IT & Physical Security Teams

What's Inside

  • Strategies to identify and overcome common conflict areas
  • Best practices for encouraging effective communication and teamwork
  • Checklist: Quarterly alignment topics

A Guide to Remote Video Monitoring

What's Inside

  • Summary of Trade-offs and Deployment Requirements for Each Type of Camera System
  • Identification of Common Bottlenecks and Hidden Costs of Ownership
  • Features to Look for in Video Management Software to Improve Response Time, Ease of Use, and Data Security

How to Choose the Right Security Camera System for Your Organization

What's Inside

  • A Comparison of NVR/DVR, Hybrid Cloud and Cloud Camera Systems
  • 6 Steps to a Successful Video Security Deployment
  • Bonus: “What to Expect” - A Vendor Evaluation Checklist

Optimizing the Bandwidth Footprint of Verkada Cameras

What's Inside

  • Verkada’s Bandwidth-Friendly Architecture
  • Features to Optimize Bandwidth
  • Key Use Cases

Adopting H.265 at Scale: Ensuring High Quality Video Access on All Devices

What's Inside

  • Codec Comparison: H.264 versus H.265
  • The Hybrid Cloud Challenge: Traditional versus Hybrid Cloud Architecture
  • Verkada’s Unique Approach to Video Codecs: Using the Cloud to Guarantee Compatibility

Strategies for School IT Leaders

What's Inside

  • How to unify technology systems
  • How to get proactive insights
  • How to build automated response capabilities
  • How to build better door security

Understanding Your Options for Extended Video Storage

What's Inside

  • Common Limitations of On–Premise Storage
  • Common Limitations of Cloud Video Storage
  • How to Overcome Storage Limitations With Hybrid Cloud Storage
  • Bonus: Video Storage Options Infographic

Protecting Your IoT Platform from Cyberattacks

What's Inside

  • IoT Trends: Security’s Coming of Age
  • Total Cost Analysis: Long Term Impacts of a Data Breach
  • Top IoT Security Threats: Breakdown & Prevention Methods
  • Bonus: Cybersecurity Audit Checklist

Cybersecurity for Video Surveillance Systems

What's Inside

  • A Look at Security Threats Inherent to NVR and DVR Camera Systems
  • 5 Ways to Enhance the Security of Your Enterprise Camera System
  • Bonus: Vendor Selection Worksheet - A Security Protocols Checklist

The Future of Enterprise Video Surveillance

What's Inside

  • A Comparison of NVR/DVR and Hybrid Cloud Camera Systems
  • A Breakdown of Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure
  • 3 Major Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Video Storage

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