Intercom Receivers

Never miss an intercom call with smart call routing and receivers.

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Take Calls on the Go With Verkada Pass App

Answer Calls From Any Web Browser

Admins and other Command users can receive intercom calls and talk down to intercom devices directly in Command. When calls come in, a notification will alert Command users and allow them to easily navigate to the Intercom page and take the call.

Simplify Call Receiving and Door Monitoring With Verkada Desk Station

Easily review calls and building activity with an intuitive tablet application. Pair an unlimited number of devices per tablet and view up to four intercoms or cameras at once.

Use Existing Telephony Systems

PSTN calling: dial any telephone number, including cell phones and landlines and unlock the door directly from the phone’s keypad.

SIP integration: Call IP phones and clients through your existing VoIP and maintain local-network calling regardless of internet connectivity.

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Intercom Resources

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  • See For Yourself

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