Verkada for Automotive

  • Asset & liability protection

    Protect millions of dollars worth of inventory from theft and damage.

  • Simplify security operations

    Tie all your security devices under one platform.

  • Real-time access

    Empower store managers with an easy-to-use software interface.

Monitor facilities from anywhere

Detect, view, and respond to events as they unfold - all from a mobile app.

  • Provision staff with site and role-based access permissions.

  • Receive SMS and email alerts for meaningful events.

  • Save and share footage, or send live links to local authorities in seconds.

Monitor assets around-the-clock

Increase visibility and security with natively integrated cameras, alarms, and monitoring.

  • Customize alarm triggers (including door, motion, and glass break sensor events.)

  • Catch repeat offenders with real-time Vehicle and Person of Interest alerts.

  • Detect and respond to after-hours incidents with professional monitoring.

Protect sites and vehicles after-hours

A profesional monitoring agent can take action, talk down to intruders from a horn speaker, and dispatch police. Reduce false alarms and facilitate priority police response by sharing a video feed or footage of confirmed threats.

Maintain visibility in hard-to-wire locations

Install Verkada products in locations that are hard to wire or lack connectivity. Maintain visibility over vehicles in parking lots by pairing the Cellular Gateway with cameras.

Control access with ease

Set door schedules based on hours of operation and streamline access credentials for employees. Pair with video security to visually confirm who access the space and when.

Speed up investigations

Use AI-powered search to quickly locate footage by typing vehicle descriptions into a search bar. Save footage to unlimited cloud-based archives to simplify digital evidence management.

Inform sales with AI-powered analytics

Use data-driven insights like heatmaps and occupancy trends to optimize staffing and evaluate the performance of promotional activities.

Receive calls from anywhere with Intercom

Answer calls, see who is at the door, and grant entry from a phone or iPad. Integrate with access control to remotely unlock doors.

Track vehicles with License Plate Recognition (LPR)

Secure points of ingress and egress with real-time plate capture and recognition. Easily search by plate number, and receive Vehicle of Interest alerts to quickly review associated footage.

Integrate with the tools and systems you depend on most

An integrated security system for auto dealerships

Easily monitor, detect, and respond to incidents across retail locations.

Protect stores, merchandise, and employees at scale with a single platform to:

  • Monitor and manage devices.
  • Detect and resolve incidents.
  • Generate and respond to alerts.

Key product offerings

  • Up to 10-year warranty and predictable renewal costs
  • No NVRs or DVRs – up to 365 days of onboard storage
  • Access from anywhere – no port-forwarding or VPNs
  • 24/7 technical support via email, phone or live chat
  • Bandwidth-friendly at 20-50 kbps in "steady state" mode
  • Enhanced user security with 2FA/SAML authentication
  • Unlimited user seats and cloud archiving
  • Automatic updates to unlock features and maintain security

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