“Verkada Gives”

Mar 13

Building a Culture of Listening at Verkada

Agility is core to who we are and how we operate at Verkada. Our founders recognized the clear gap in the market for a modern, cloud-based enterprise security system. We filled that gap, and very quickly grew into a $3.2 billion company. We’re proud to apply that very same spirit of agility and responsiveness to how we build our team and culture. Intensely data-driven, we’ve built a people organization that constantly collects employee feedback to inform the benefits we offer and the culture we’re building

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Nov 7

Verkada Gives Stories: American Cancer Society

Verkada Gives’ charitable-giving strategy is fueled by our employees and the organizations they care about most. John Lierley and Rit Das – Verkada team members in Austin and Chicago – are two examples of how we have supported the American Cancer Society through their requests. 

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May 30

Verkada Expands AAPI Security Camera Donation Program to Chicago

Verkada spearheaded the AAPI Security Camera Donation Program close to home in the Bay Area by donating $100,000 worth of security cameras and software to Asian owned or affiliated businesses seeking enhanced protection. We are now proud to announce that Verkada will build on this program by donating an additional $100,000 in security cameras and software licenses to AAPI-owned organizations that are seeking enhanced protection in Chicago.

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Apr 18

Verkada Gives - A Year in Review

Our commitment to providing greater security extends beyond our customers, to our employees and the communities where we live, work and operate - and especially to those most in need. This is why we launched Verkada Gives - an initiative, which enables the company and our employees to give back.

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