5 Factors Driving Hybrid Cloud Solutions for Commercial Security

Christine Dzou Oct 01, 2018
Christine Dzou
Christine Dzou is passionate about connecting customers with innovative solutions that solve real-world problems. At Verkada, she focuses on expanding the company's digital reach and identifying successful channels for opportunity creation.

5 Reasons Schools Are Choosing Verkada for Campus Safety

School security will always be challenging, but Verkada’s plug-and-play camera system provides a simple solution for school districts and campuses of any size. Read more to discover the top 5 reasons schools choose Verkada to keep their campuses safe.


Global Security Exchange (GSX) 2018 Event Recap

Among the list of security exhibitors at GSX this year, Verkada emerged as a disruptive new vendor in the surveillance equipment space, earning "Judge's Choice" for this year's Innovative Product Award. Learn more about Verkada in this interview with Filip Kaliszan, CEO and Co-founder of Verkada and Chuck Harold, Host and Founder of