Announcing Alert page for camera alerts in Verkada Command

Anders Holden Feb 14, 2023
Anders Holden
Anders Holden is a Product Manager at Verkada working on Camera hardware and platform services such as event management, analytics, alerting and the Verkada API. He has an MBA from University of Chicago.

Announcing Command in French, Spanish, and Japanese To Meet the Needs of Our Growing Global Customer Base

To meet the needs of our growing global customer base, Verkada has expanded its language offerings and is pleased to announce Command and website support for French, Spanish and Japanese. 


Announcing 2nd Generation Bullet Cameras to Power Better Image Quality and LPR Performance

Announcing the 2nd generation of bullet cameras, with better image quality, improved analytics, and an easier installation experience. Additionally, the new bullet cameras power a drastically improved License Plate Recognition (LPR) experience that can work at higher speeds and deliver a higher level of accuracy.