Announcing bulk configuration of Motion, Crowd and Tamper events

Anders Holden Aug 08, 2022
Anders Holden
Anders Holden is a Product Manager at Verkada working on Camera hardware and platform services such as event management, analytics, alerting and the Verkada API. He has an MBA from University of Chicago.

Announcing new API endpoints and permissioning for the Verkada API

Two new API endpoints will be become available on 8/29 - Occupancy Trends and Object positioning metadata. These endpoints enable customers to build their own intelligent applications on top of Verkada’s camera analytics, thereby enabling a number of new use cases.


Verkada announces low-latency RTSP streaming

With RTSP, customers can stream footage from Verkada cameras to third party applications and support custom analytics, integrate with points-of-sale systems, or access video from within their existing infrastructure.