Verkada Announces Audit Logs: Ensuring Compliance & Chain of Custody

Announcing Audit Logs: Ensuring Compliance and Chain of Custody

For organizations that need to be able to track all user actions—be it for compliance, internal controls or chain of custody purposes—Verkada is pleased to offer Audit Logs. This feature tracks all user and camera actions within the Command platform, giving Organization Admins complete visibility into the usage of their system.

Audit Logs are maintained at two different levels. The first, in the Organization Admin’s Settings page, allows an Admin to see user activities, such as new user creation, role assignment, login attempts and logouts. Organization-wide settings (such as creating, editing or assigning cameras to Sites or Nested Sites) are also tracked. Organization Audit Logs are designed to monitor how users are granted access to the system, when users are logging in and who has moved cameras between Sites.

Second, each camera has its own full audit trail. This log maintains a record of all actions done to the camera—either by the system (such as a firmware upgrade or restart) or by the user (such as sharing a live or archived feed, or making a configuration change). In addition, all camera views and archives are recorded and tagged by user. A full list of the actions tracked in an Audit Log is available in our Knowledge Base.

The Audit Log feature will be useful for customers across industries where full record keeping and compliance documentation is a requirement. In particular, customers in the education, healthcare and financial services sectors can take advantage of this feature to meet local, state, or federal guidelines and to ensure proper management of digital evidence.

If you are a current Verkada customer, this feature is now live in your Command software. To access your Organization Admin Audit Log, click on Settings, and then click on the “Document” icon at the top right corner of your Organization table. You can view the Audit Log on screen or export to create custom reports. To view your camera’s Audit Log, go to that camera’s page and click on the “Settings” icon. Then click on “Additional Settings” and select “Audit Log” from the menu on the left to view or export your detailed camera history.  Learn more about Audit Logs in our Knowledge Base.

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