End-to-End Encryption: Verkada’s Approach to Cybersecurity

Adrian Leven Mar 31, 2020
Adrian Leven
Adrian is a Technical Content Writer with a background in software engineering. He got his Bachelor's in Human-Computer Interaction from the Stanford School of Engineering then spent some time at Microsoft before joining Verkada.

View a Feed of Notifications From Across Your Organization All Within Command

Every day, hundreds or even thousands of events happen across an organization. Today, we’re excited to make it even easier to find all of your important notifications in one central place in Command. Our new Notifications feature is available on the web and on the iOS app, and it will improve day-to-day operations by centralizing all of an organization’s meaningful activity into a single, searchable feed.


Sales at Verkada: Thoughtful Onboarding During Your First Month

Whether you come from one end of the spectrum as a seasoned enterprise rep who knows the physical security space inside and out or are new to sales altogether, building your career at Verkada will be unique because of both the pace that you will grow with us and the nature of our company mission.