Unpacking the Numbers Behind the Headlines (Equity by TechCrunch ft. Verkada)

Christine Dzou Feb 03, 2020
Christine Dzou
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NSA to Users: Windows 10 and Windows Server Are “Fundamentally Vulnerable”

At the start of January, Windows 7 reached end-of-life, leaving customers with no choice but to update their NVR operating system to Windows 10 or sit in a state of constant vulnerability with no future software or security updates. While moving to Windows 10 seemed like a necessary and hopefully safe choice for most, it turns out, the operating system has a huge vulnerability of its own.


Introducing New Extended Storage Models, Including One Year of Onboard Retention Coming to Verkada’s Dome Series

Today, Verkada announced the availability of brand new extended storage models across all lines of their industry-leading hybrid cloud security cameras, including 365-day retention models for the Dome Series.