Hidden Costs of Video Surveillance Systems

Idan Koren May 14, 2019
Idan Koren
Idan Koren is Verkada’s Director of Operations, where he helps make sure the cats are properly herded and the trains run on time. A graduate of Duke University and serial entrepreneur, before Verkada, Idan served as co-founder and president of WedPics and was the CFO of CourseRank.
  • Apr

    Announcing Offline Mode: Hybrid Cloud with No Compromises

    Verkada's Offline Mode allows customers to continue to securely view live video streams even when they lose their internet connection, ensuring that customers can confidently choose Hybrid Cloud without compromise.  

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  • Jun

    How Verkada Protects Against the Rising Risks of Cloud Security Cameras

    Hacker attacks against connected cameras continue to rise. This troubling trend has been escalating in recent years, and all enterprises should expect to see more attempts going forward after a major spike in 2018. In all, 15% of all attacks against Internet of Things (IoT) devices last year hit connected cameras — up from just...

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