Introducing Alert Analytics: A New Way to Understand Your Environment

Dominic Komarek Feb 24, 2023
Dominic Komarek
Dominic Komarek is a Product Manager leading Verkada's Air Quality Sensor portfolio.

Verkada launches new product line, Verkada Intercom, as well as expansive updates across its entire platform

Each of our products is intuitive and capable in its own right – but connected together on the Command platform, they give our customers powerful tools to protect people and places. Today, we’re pleased to announce an entirely new product line to our portfolio, and a range of updates that expand the reach of the Verkada platform.


Control and Oversee Features at the Organization Level With Feature Manager

Introducing Feature Manager, a section within Command that provides additional controls around the use of sensitive features. With Feature Manager, Organization Admins can disable or permanently remove certain features at the organization level.