Motion Notifications: Verkada Makes Video Security More Actionable

Introducing Motion Notifications: Video Security Got More Actionable

Building on the success of our recent People and Vehicle Detection launch, Verkada is happy to introduce Motion Notifications with smart filters.

Our latest feature proactively notifies Verkada customers when motion is detected within a defined area of the frame. The motion search interface in Verkada’s Command allows users to mark the area of interest for each camera. Then, they can add filters to trigger an alert only when people are in the scene or within a certain time window. This added intelligence ensures that users are only notified on actionable events—filtering out weather-related movement, lighting changes and other potential background motion.

Understanding how this feature works can help you set up more effective notifications.

How Does It Work?

Using onboard analytics, Verkada cameras with Motion Notifications enabled will constantly monitor the selected activity zones. When motion is detected, they will record high resolution video and send an image to the cloud for analysis. If the people filter is on, Verkada’s computer vision models analyze the image and will only trigger a notification if a human is detected in the frame. Finally, the system will filter out alerts that don’t occur during the specified time window.

Alerts are sent to all Verkada users with access to the camera who have turned on notifications in their settings. Notifications will be sent by SMS or email, depending on the user preference. Email notifications include a snapshot of the motion so that recipients can easily see a preview of what happened. Users can then click through to Command to view a 20-second clip of the motion event. Within Command, users can take snapshots, zoom, or archive the clip within their account.

Motion Notifications in Action

Motion notifications are already providing actionable information to Verkada customers across many industries without requiring active monitoring.

  • School safety leaders have implemented Motion Notifications to help ensure after-hours security inside and outside their facilities. They can enable notifications for cameras that monitor specific doors and set time-of-day alerts and people filters to watch for potential vandalism.
  • Customers in the manufacturing industry are utilizing the feature to assess inventory levels. Users are notified when stock drops below predefined thresholds and helps them proactively replenish or confirm that they have an adequate supply on hand.
  • Logistics companies use the notifications to inform yard staff about deliveries and keep track of warehouses and facilities during off hours. Others use the feature to notify security personnel to perform additional screening before allowing a vehicle to enter a facility.
  • Retailers and hospitality providers are employing Motion Notifications to observe cash registers and safes after hours. In addition, many have set up notifications with time-of-day filters to watch for unauthorized access to stock rooms and other areas with valuable inventory.

If you are a current Verkada customer, you can set up Motion Notifications in the Additional Settings of your camera page in Command. Click to enable notifications and add the appropriate people and time-of-day filters. Step-by-step instructions can be found in our Knowledge Base.

We’re excited to roll out the Motion Notifications feature to our customers and believe it is a powerful tool to proactively monitor your locations. By only notifying users of relevant and actionable events, Motion Notifications save time and increase the productivity of security and facilities personnel.

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