Verkada Announces People Analytics to Simplify Investigations

Brandon Davito Aug 13, 2019
Brandon Davito
Brandon Davito is Verkada’s Vice President of Product and Operations. He is passionate about bringing technology solutions to established industries and has extensive experience in the communications, utility, smart city and construction markets. Brandon is a graduate of Stanford University and the Kellogg School of Management.

Announcing Verkada’s Simplified Streaming Architecture

One of Verkada’s primary goals is to simplify and improve the management of enterprise video surveillance systems. With that goal in mind, today we’ve launched a new, simplified streaming architecture for all Verkada customers. With this update, we have improved image performance, reduced latency, and streamlined our user experience. Users now choose between HD and...


Product Updates Week of August 12: CM61 Mini 4K, People Analytics, Shared Archives, and More

Today, Verkada is excited to announce our new Mini 4K camera, the CM61, the launch of our powerful AI-based People Analytics, and many additional updates to our feature set. Our first 4K camera, the CM61 delivers the same limited bandwidth usage as the rest of our camera line while delivering a superior resolution. Find out...