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Introducing the Verkada Android App

One of my favorite things about being a software engineer at Verkada is the opportunity to develop new tools that help solve real-world business problems. Today, my team and I are happy to announce the release of the Verkada Android app.

Why Android?

We found that one third of the users of Command (Verkada’s secure software platform, which enables customers to remotely access and monitor their cameras in real time) are logging in from mobile devices. Of those on mobile, about half are using Android devices.

We designed the app to provide a full feature set that mirrors the web. Our goal was to provide a unified experience across all platforms—where switching from one to another is a smooth and intuitive transition.

Differences from the Recently Launched Verkada iOS App

With Android being Verkada’s third supported platform, we were able to take what we learned from our iOS and web apps into account from day one. Live camera viewing is currently available. In the coming weeks, Android will match all of the features that the iOS app provides, such as motion search and history.

Android currently enables a few unique in-app settings. Unlike iOS, Android users can choose to hide both empty sites and offline cameras. We also include a setting which allows users to disable live previews of cameras on the app’s main page, unless a WiFi connection is established. This is especially useful for customers with data limitations.

During development, I worked with one of my team members (Aaron Komagome-Towne) to help facilitate instantaneous feedback and a smooth UI. Notably, special attention was given to the main screen sites view—to ensure a smooth scrolling experience. By fine-tuning the layouts and ensuring video did not play unless visible on the screen, we were able to provide a more performant user interaction.

What’s Next

In the future, we look forward to increasing the functionality of the Verkada Android app. Some of the capabilities we’ll be adding include:

  • Viewing of shared video links in the app
  • The ability to cast camera feeds to a Chromecast device
  • Support for Android TV (like Verkada’s Apple TV app)

At Google’s Android Dev Summit, I attended some interesting talks about new Android features, many of which are applicable to Verkada’s app. One specific feature is the ability to automatically intercept an SMS 2FA code to simplify users’ login experience. This will soon be available as a platform-specific feature of Verkada’s Android app.

My team and I had a great time developing the Verkada Android app. It was fun to take a project from ideation to completion—especially at a company like Verkada. Android has so many different platforms (phones, tablets, Wear, Android Auto and more) and we’re already looking for the next one we can expand into, depending on customer usage and new features.

How to Get the App

The Verkada Android app is available as a free download on Google Play. Additionally, mobile access is enabled via the Verkada Command web app, which is comprehensively capable and fully featured on mobile web. The Command Cloud license for Verkada cameras replaces onsite VMS software. It facilitates remote management, unlimited clip archives, live streaming, new feature updates, 24/7 tech support and more. Users can manage and access their video on a mobile web browser.

Want to learn more? Get a 20-Minute Demo of Verkada and see how Verkada can help your organization modernize its approach to physical security.