Protecting Your Digital Business from Cybersecurity Attacks

Adrian Leven Apr 22, 2020
Adrian Leven
Adrian is a Technical Content Writer with a background in software engineering. He got his Bachelor's in Human-Computer Interaction from the Stanford School of Engineering then spent some time at Microsoft before joining Verkada.

Improve Response Times By Sharing an Entire Site or Floor Plan

From sharing a live camera feed with first responders to sending archived footage to people outside the organization, Verkada’s link sharing feature is critical for our customers. Today, we’re taking link sharing another step forward with our newest capability—users can now share an entire Site or Floor Plan directly from the Command platform.


Introducing the CM41: A Powerful New Addition to our Mini Series With up to 365 Days of Onboard Storage

Today, we’re excited to announce the latest addition to the Mini Series family of cameras with the CM41. Verkada’s Mini Series packs powerful onboard processing into compact form factors. From corporate offices and high-end retail locations to banks and schools, customers praise the Mini Series for its adaptability across varied deployments.