Real-Time Visibility to Enhance Patient Care & Staff Safety

Linda Cheng May 28, 2022
Linda Cheng
Linda is an Integrated Marketing Manager at Verkada.

Introducing Dashboards: A New Way to Visualize and Analyze Your Environmental Data

We’re excited to announce Environmental Sensor Dashboards, a new way for our customers to easily customize, view, analyze, and display data across all of their sensors.


Verkada Expands AAPI Security Camera Donation Program to Chicago

Verkada spearheaded the AAPI Security Camera Donation Program close to home in the Bay Area by donating $100,000 worth of security cameras and software to Asian owned or affiliated businesses seeking enhanced protection. We are now proud to announce that Verkada will build on this program by donating an additional $100,000 in security cameras and software licenses to AAPI-owned organizations that are seeking enhanced protection in Chicago.