Building Out Your Business During Your First Six Months

Ingwon Chae Apr 02, 2020
Ingwon Chae
Ingwon Chae is part of the Operations team at Verkada. He focuses on solving critical problems that enable scalable growth.

Promotion Opportunities Beyond Your First Year

Whether you come from one end of the spectrum as a seasoned enterprise rep who knows the physical security space inside and out or are new to sales altogether, building your career at Verkada will be unique because of both the pace that you will grow with us and the nature of our company mission.


Building a Camera-Based Sensor Network

At Verkada, we are developing ground-breaking features to display real-time insights into what is happening across facilities. By leveraging the onboard processing and edge-based computing capabilities of our cameras, we’re able to introduce novel ways to analyze and visualize data. Cameras no longer serve as just a means for video analysis, but can also be used as a network of intelligent camera-based sensors.