5 Reasons Schools Are Choosing Verkada for Campus Safety

Christine Dzou Sep 29, 2018
Christine Dzou
Christine Dzou is passionate about connecting customers with innovative solutions that solve real-world problems. At Verkada, she focuses on expanding the company's digital reach and identifying successful channels for opportunity creation.
  • Sep

    Minnesota Announces $25 Million in School Grants to Keep Students Safe

    With money increasingly available to districts all across the country, the question now becomes: How can they spend it wisely? Read more to discover how Minnesota schools are improving security and surveillance across campuses to keep students safe.

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  • Oct

    5 Factors Driving Hybrid Cloud Solutions for Commercial Security

    NVR/DVR and pure IP solutions are both subject to single-point-of-failure challenges. That's why security professionals are shifting toward secure hybrid cloud solutions with an emphasis on intelligent security software that can quickly help surface relevant and actionable information.

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