Announcing Verkada’s Simplified Streaming Architecture 

Brandon Davito Jul 19, 2019
Brandon Davito
Brandon Davito is Verkada’s Vice President of Product and Operations. He is passionate about bringing technology solutions to established industries and has extensive experience in the communications, utility, smart city and construction markets. Brandon is a graduate of Stanford University and the Kellogg School of Management.
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    Announcing Floor Plans: Enhanced Visibility of Your Entire Camera Network at Scale

    Today, Verkada is launching Floor Plans, giving customers the ability to visualize and manage their network of cameras across any number of facilities and levels. For customers who are responsible for multiple locations or have multistory facilities, Floor Plans is a powerful tool for understanding situational coverage as well as potential gaps. How it works...

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  • Aug

    Verkada Announces People Analytics to Simplify Investigations

    Today, Verkada is pleased to announce the general availability of our newest game-changing feature, People Analytics. Built on advanced computer vision technology that detects and compares people and faces in frame, People Analytics is another step forward as Verkada pushes the boundaries of enterprise video security...

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