Support for Streamlined, Continuous NERC CIP-006 Compliance with Low Operational Overhead

Emilia Malachowski Sep 16, 2022
Emilia Malachowski
Emilia Malachowski is a Product Operations Manager at Verkada having previously worked in product compliance at Amazon.

Environmental Sensor Default Event Thresholds

Customers love staying on top of changes in their environment with Verkada's environmental sensor lineup. To enable this functionality, Verkada environmental sensor event thresholds allow customers to set and automatically create events when certain thresholds are exceeded for noise, high temperature, excess humidity, unsafe levels of particulates in the air, or even vape events.


4 Years and Counting: Verkada Named a LinkedIn Top Startup

We're proud to announce that for the fourth year in a row, Verkada has been named a LinkedIn Top Startup! This recognition is a testament not only to our exponential growth, but also to our incredible team and culture.