Verkada Gives Stories: American Cancer Society

Jennifer Rustigian Nov 07, 2022
Jennifer Rustigian
Senior Brand Marketing Manager

Recharging at Verkada: Health and Wellness Month Recap

Health and wellness are an essential part of life and work. The pandemic reinforced employers' need to focus on their employees' overall well-being. This is why Verkada doubled down on employee wellness by launching our inaugural Wellness Month in 2021. After an outstanding response, we were excited to bring back our 2nd Annual Wellness Month this past October. 


Announcing the Verkada AC62 16 Door Controller: Enterprise-Scale Access Control with Cloud-Based Simplicity

Today, we’re excited to announce a new addition to Verkada’s lineup of cloud-based access control security products: the AC62 16 Door Controller. With the AC62, customers can bring the cloud functionality of the industry’s first natively-integrated access control and video security solution to four times more doors across buildings and campuses.