Focus on the Right Feeds with Motion Tiles

Jeff Chase Mar 20, 2020
Jeff Chase
Jeff is a Product Marketing Manager at Verkada. He is passionate about new technologies and how they solve problems for customers.

Quickly Review An Entire Day of Footage With 24-Hour History View

We’re excited to share that all Command users can now view 24 hours of history in just a matter of seconds, helping to speed up investigations and find relevant footage even faster. When it comes to finding footage, investigations typically start with manual scrubbing through hours of historical video. Not only is this costly for an organization, but it also prolongs the time to find the necessary evidence to bring a case closer to resolution.


View a Feed of Notifications From Across Your Organization All Within Command

Every day, hundreds or even thousands of events happen across an organization. Today, we’re excited to make it even easier to find all of your important notifications in one central place in Command. Our new Notifications feature is available on the web and on the iOS app, and it will improve day-to-day operations by centralizing all of an organization’s meaningful activity into a single, searchable feed.