Top 30 Enterprise Tech Companies of 2020

Christine Dzou Feb 27, 2020
Christine Dzou
Christine Dzou is passionate about connecting customers with innovative solutions that solve real-world problems. At Verkada, she focuses on expanding the company's digital reach and identifying successful channels for opportunity creation.

Verkada Contacts: The Quickest Way to Share Live and Historical Footage

Verkada’s link sharing capabilities are instrumental in helping organizations across the globe respond to real-time situations. As one of our most critical features, we’re pleased to announce a number of enhancements, including saved Contacts, the ability to share with multiple people, and the ability to share only a live feed.


Quickly Review An Entire Day of Footage With 24-Hour History View

We’re excited to share that all Command users can now view 24 hours of history in just a matter of seconds, helping to speed up investigations and find relevant footage even faster. When it comes to finding footage, investigations typically start with manual scrubbing through hours of historical video. Not only is this costly for an organization, but it also prolongs the time to find the necessary evidence to bring a case closer to resolution.