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Verkada’s Updated Video Wall and Continuous Monitoring Solution

Verkada has focused on making video security systems easy to purchase, easy to deploy, and easy to manage. A major advantage of our Hybrid Cloud architecture is that Verkada’s solution can be easily deployed across platforms – web browsers, mobile apps, and external monitors.

Today, Verkada is pleased to enhance our solution for video walls, public view monitors, and continuous monitoring. Verkada’s Command platform now supports Local and Live-Low Latency grids for up to twelve cameras, reducing WAN bandwidth and dramatically driving down latency. Combined with Verkada’s Offline Mode, Verkada is a smart choice for monitoring mission-critical locations.

Halifax Health Security Operations Staff in Daytona Beach, Florida

“Our Security Operations Center runs on Verkada. It’s imperative that we have a highly reliable video management system to monitor critical locations and patient safety,” shared Michael Marques, Director of Information Technology at Halifax Health in Daytona Beach, Florida. “By using Verkada’s Command Platform, we get the best of all worlds – the flexibility of cloud management and the reliability and low latency of local viewing.”

Customers who have limited bandwidth but require employee view stations or video walls can now utilize the Local stream to limit WAN utilization to ~20 kbps while live streaming over the LAN. In addition, the Local stream delivers video with <2 second latency, enabling near-real-time viewing for exit/entrance monitoring, reception areas, or critical locations. Verkada’s Command software authenticates each session and provides a secure connection between the device and the camera.

Local streaming is now enabled for all cameras — no action is required. Organization Admins can set their Default Grid Playback Quality to Local, which will update preferences for all members of their Organization. Once set, all cameras in a Grid that can be seen over the LAN will utilize the Local connection.

In the Apple TV app, users can select Use Local Streaming from the Settings menu. All cameras that are on the LAN will stream locally, while cameras at other locations or on other networks will be viewed in SD. Individual cameras can also be monitored using the Local connection.

Apple TV Video Wall

If you are a current Verkada customer, this feature is now live in your Command software. Follow the instructions above to update your settings for Local, and learn more about Local streams and Grids in our Knowledge Base.

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