Verkada’s Updated Video Wall and Continuous Monitoring Solution

Brandon Davito Jul 08, 2019
Brandon Davito
Brandon Davito is Verkada’s Vice President of Product and Operations. He is passionate about bringing technology solutions to established industries and has extensive experience in the communications, utility, smart city and construction markets. Brandon is a graduate of Stanford University and the Kellogg School of Management.

Pennsylvania Schools Receive $47.5 Million in School Safety Grants

Image Source Like many states across the nation, Pennsylvania is taking action to improve school security and campus safety. On May 2, Governor Tom Wolf announced $40 million in school safety grants, plus $7.5 million in community violence prevention and reduction grants. Wolf believes the grants will “increase safety for our children and our teachers...


Introducing Verkada’s Updated Mobile Platform

We have been thrilled to see the adoption of Verkada’s mobile applications by our users. Everyone from Principals and School Resource Officers who need access to camera feeds while on the move in their schools to CEOs and business owners who want to keep an eye on their facilities have been using our iOS and...