Women of Verkada Spotlight Series: Jane Wang, Lead Engineering Program Manager on the hardware team

Madeline Panaccione Mar 14, 2023
Madeline Panaccione
Madeline is a Social Media Associate at Verkada

Building a Culture of Listening at Verkada

Agility is core to who we are and how we operate at Verkada. Our founders recognized the clear gap in the market for a modern, cloud-based enterprise security system. We filled that gap, and very quickly grew into a $3.2 billion company. We’re proud to apply that very same spirit of agility and responsiveness to how we build our team and culture. Intensely data-driven, we’ve built a people organization that constantly collects employee feedback to inform the benefits we offer and the culture we’re building


Further Customize Your Verkada Alarms Solution with New Video Verification Rules and Webhook Capabilities

We’re excited to announce the addition of two new Verkada Alarms features that allow organizations to further customize their solution to meet their needs: Verification Rules and our new Alarms API and webhook functionality.