Professional Monitoring

Alarm and video monitoring from a team of trained virtual guards who can verify and respond to threats for you.

24/7 Peace of Mind

Security is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Detect intruders using cameras, intrusion sensors, or both, and choose the level of professional monitoring you need for your organization.

  • Standalone Intrusion Sensors

    A modern intrusion system with built-in alarm monitoring that lets you view and manage events, devices, and users from anywhere.

  • Pair Cameras and Intrusion Sensors

    Add intrusion sensors alongside cameras for maximum protection. Agents can video-verify events to screen out false alarms and help you get priority police response.

  • Use Cameras to Detect Intruders

    Monitored cameras act as a complete alarm system, helping you increase security while reducing the need for in-person guards.

How Professional Monitoring Works

Trained agents can verify and respond to threats for you, or simply let you know that unusual activity was detected.

Upgrade to a Modern Alarm System

Forget what you know and dislike about traditional alarm systems. Verkada’s cloud-managed intrusion sensors and built-in professional monitoring give you better visibility and control over what’s happening on your property. View alarm details, share incident reports, manage users, and more from a single dashboard.

Increase Security with Video-Verified Intrusion Sensors

Pair intrusion sensors with nearby cameras to get extra protection without the false alarms. Monitoring agents will only escalate if they see a person present, helping you get priority police response while avoiding false alarm fines.

Turn Your Cameras into a Monitored Alarm System

Use cameras to detect people on your property after hours, and get a team of monitoring agents to verify and respond on your behalf.

Still using in-person guards? Verkada can reduce how many you need by improving visibility, screening out false alarms, and taking immediate action, like calling the police or scaring off the intruder.

Verkada Alarm Licenses

A Verkada Alarm License lets you use your Verkada devices to trigger an alarm and configure custom alarm responses. It also lets you view and manage all alarm events, devices, users, and settings in the Verkada Command dashboard.

Customers can choose from three different tiers of the Verkada Alarm License. Each tier includes a different level of professional monitoring at no extra cost.

One Alarm License is required per location.

  • LIC-BB

    Basic Alarm License

    Video verification

    • No video verification

    Best for organizations that

    • Have very few alarm events or don’t expect any false alarms
    • Have an in-house monitoring team
  • LIC-BA

    Standard Alarm License

    Video verification

    • Up to 100 events/month
    • Up to 50 cameras reviewed

    Best for organizations that

    • Have closed hours when no one should be present
    • Have areas where no one should be present
  • LIC-BV

    Premium Alarm License

    Video verification

    • Up to 1000 events/month
    • Up to 50 cameras reviewed

    Best for organizations that

    • Have off-peak hours when fewer people are expected
    • Are looking to supplement or replace in-person guards

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