Achieve Best Practices With the Privacy & Security Checklist in Command

Yalini Prabhakaran Oct 27, 2022
Yalini Prabhakaran
Yalini Prabhakaran is a Product Manager at Verkada overseeing the Command platform and security & privacy features. Yalini attended UC Berkeley, where she studied Computer Science.

Industry Use Cases for Environmental Sensors

From education to food production, explore how six industries use Verkada Environmental Sensors to strengthen physical safety and streamline operations.


Inside Verkada's Builder's Camp 2022

Exceptional products are built by exceptional teams, and remaining exceptional requires constant work. That's why we got the Verkada engineering team and our founders together last week for an action-packed two days of "glamping" in Mendocino County, California. We worked on team-building, engaged in some friendly competition, and participated in plenty of other fun camp activities at our first Builder's Camp event.