Bridging the Gap Between Physical and Cyber Security

Joyce Zheng Oct 30, 2018
Joyce Zheng
Joyce Zheng is Field Marketing & Events Manager at Verkada, having previously worked in event marketing at multiple Fortune 500 companies. In her spare time, she loves to travel and try new cuisines. Just added in.

What’s the Difference Between a Cloud vs. Hybrid Cloud Security Camera System?

With the rise of IoT, security experts have started to shift towards cloud-based solutions -- however, the system architecture of cloud video surveillance systems presents several drawbacks. Read more to discover why hybrid cloud systems are solving a series of deep-rooted constraints in the video security space.


Video Surveillance Laws: Video Retention Requirements by State

Any company operating in a regulated area would be wise to check their local security footage retention mandates to ensure compliance. Read on for an overview of a few of the laws that can help any business operator understand some of the common requirements.