Digital Transformation in the Security & Surveillance Market

Christine Dzou Jan 08, 2019
Christine Dzou
Christine Dzou is passionate about connecting customers with innovative solutions that solve real-world problems. At Verkada, she focuses on expanding the company's digital reach and identifying successful channels for opportunity creation.

The Era of Convergence: Why IT Wants to Standardize Video Security

Across the board, IT is looking to consolidate disparate processes and operations. Learn how 2019 is predicted to bring a move toward IT convergence, resulting in changes to traditional surveillance and video security business models.


Verkada Adds Auto-Leveling Capabilities to Cameras

After deploying a new system, small issues can persist and interfere with optimal performance. Verkada continuously works to resolve even minor challenges, such as crooked images. The goal of Auto-Leveling is simple: To make life easier for users by incorporating more intelligent functionality.