Verkada Adds Auto-Leveling Capabilities to Cameras

Dennis Kwok Jan 09, 2019
Dennis Kwok
Dennis Kwok is a Senior Firmware Engineer at Verkada. With 13 years of experience, he has a diverse background in both hardware and software engineering. Prior to Verkada, Dennis worked on projects that ranged from efficient industrial and consumer water treatment appliances and equipment, to sports data and analytics. He also holds two patents related to water treatment.

Digital Transformation in the Security & Surveillance Market

Digital transformation, regardless of the pace at which it occurs, results in significant long-term upside within the security and surveillance market. So instead of waiting until the time is perfect, embrace what might be a multiple-solution technology trend and start making strategic steps forward.


Introducing Motion Notifications: Video Security Got More Actionable

Verkada’s latest feature, Motion Notifications, proactively provides valuable security information—without requiring active monitoring. Customers can also add smart filters to trigger an alert only when people are in the frame or within a certain time window.