GC31-E Cellular Gateway

Outdoor cellular gateway for deploying Verkada in places that are hard to wire or lack connectivity.
  • Plug-and-play setup

  • Cloud-managed in Command

  • Integrated with Verkada devices

  • Verkada data plan or BYO plan

Power Accessories

  • ACC-POE-90W-E Outdoor PoE++ Injector

    IP67-rated PoE++ injector for powering the GC31-E in harsh environments.
    The GC31-E can be mounted directly on the injector.

  • ACC-POE-90W Indoor PoE++ Injector

    PoE++ injector for powering the GC31-E. Place the injector indoors or within a NEMA enclosure.

  • ACCX-TAP-DC100-E FP 7-Pin Light Pole Power Tap

    Power the GC31-E by tapping into the electrical circuit of a streetlight. The power tap connects directly to AC and provides DC via PoE.

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