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Integrate more of your building infrastructure.

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Meet the AX11

The AX11 IO Controller brings more of your building infrastructure into the Verkada ecosystem—including access control, security footage, sensors, and alarms. With a fully integrated system, you can incorporate additional sensors and hardware to trigger and respond to building events, making it easy scale and manage physical security across multiple sites.

Key Features

  • More Versatility with 16 Inputs & 16 Outputs
    More Versatility with 16 Inputs & 16 Outputs
  • Instant Video Integration and Insights
    Instant Video Integration and Insights
  • Cloud-Based Software and Management
    Cloud-Based Software and Management
  • Limitless Scalability Across Buildings
    Limitless Scalability Across Buildings
  • Bring Existing Infrastructure into Command
    Bring Existing Infrastructure into Command

Best of Both Worlds with Event Bridge

Event Bridge with the AX11 allows you to continue using your existing access control or alarm system without a full system migration. Add video analytics to your doors, even if they are not secured by Verkada. At the same time, access events will stream directly to Command to improve visibility across entrances and exits.

  • Native Camera Integration
  • Door Open & Held Open
  • Door Activity Over Time
  • SMS / Email Alerts
  • Video Analytics
  • Reporting

Learn More About the AX11

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    Discover how the AX11 integrates third party sensors, switches and peripherals into the Command interface.

  • Hear Why

    Explore how access control customers have strengthened security and streamlined management across their organizations.

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    See useful tips for setting up and configuring the AX11 IO Controller.

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