Verkada’s New Partner Program

Coming February 1st, 2024

Becoming Successful with Verkada

New Partner Program 2025

Verkada’s new, comprehensive Partner Program brings in a new era of commitment from Verkada to partners who believe in our platform. It incentivizes partners to grow their business with us and solidifies their position as our customers’ trusted physical security advisors.

Becoming a Partner

Becoming a Verkada partner can be done in 3 easy steps.

  • Attend On-Demand Partner Webinar

    See the 30 minute demo of our Video Security and Access Control solutions. Also get an overview of how to become a Verkada Partner.

  • Apply to Become a Partner

    Submit an application describing your company and whether you are a reseller or integrator partner.

  • Submit Your Resale Tax Certificate

    Depending on your state or country of operation we may require you to submit a resale tax certificate to finalize our partnership.

Dedicated Certification Program

Become a Verkada technical expert with the Verkada Certified Engineer (VCE) training program. This one-day in-person course includes guided labs to equip you with the skills to confidently install and operate Verkada solutions.

Partner Success Stories

  • Gridless

    Learn how the Gridless partnered with Verkada to produce its fastest-growing Sentry line.

  • RJ Young

    Learn how RJ Young drives net new business to 55,000 customers with 50/50 lead generation.

  • AdaptToSolve (ATS)

    Learn how AdaptToSolve (ATS) grew its business by 50% by moving to growth-based model.

  • Pine Cove Consulting

    Learn how the Pine Cove expanded its IT portfolio with Verkada to increase revenue by 30%.

  • DataVox

    Learn how DataVox developed a 50/50 partnership with Verkada, built on trust and collaboration.

  • ConvergeOne

    Learn how ConvergeOne expanded its physical security IT portfolio to drive $48 million in pipeline.

  • Socafna

    Learn how the French transportation and logistics giant scales security operations across multiple sites.

  • PowerStack

    PowerStack's sustainable, vertical solar systems combine with Verkada's enterprise solutions to offer security in remote locations worldwide.

Partner with Verkada Today

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