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About the DK11

The Verkada DK11 Demo Kit brings the plug–and–play simplicity of Verkada’s cloud–based physical security platform to a self–contained demo environment for you to deploy, trial and explore.

The DK11 features a Verkada 4–door AC41 Access Controller, Verkada’s new AD32 multiformat bluetooth Door Reader, a Verkada CM41 Mini Dome Camera, 5 Verkada Prox Cards, and a fully electrified door with a maglock, DPI, REX and lockdown button. This configuration allows users to experience the benefits of Verkada’s cloud– managed access control solution in an easy, simplified way.

  • Verkada Command

  • 5 Verkada Prox Cards

  • AC41 Door Controller

  • CM41 Mini Dome

  • AD32 Door Reader

Key Features

Our 30-Day Trial includes:

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