Verkada for Bank Security

  • Protect employees and assets

    Strengthen branch safety with integrated emergency response tools.

  • Quickly respond to threats

    Detect and respond to incidents immediately with remote monitoring and alerting capabilities.

  • Streamline management and costs

    Mitigate risk and meet compliance standards with a seamlessly integrated, cloud-based platform.

Manage bank security from anywhere

From entry points to ATMs, manage all branch sites from a centralized platform to speed up incident response and investigations.

  • Receive SMS and email alerts for meaningful events.

  • Isolate footage on-the-go with motion plotting and attribute-based search.

  • Share live camera feeds with local authorities in seconds.

Detect and deter ATM fraud

Capture key details at the point of withdrawal and prevent fraudulent activity — such as phantom ATM withdrawals and card skimming — with the world’s first 5MP hybrid-cloud split camera.

Leverage virtual guards for around-the-clock monitoring

Ensure your spaces are protected at all times with cloud-managed intrusion sensors and integrated video verification.

Secure critical infrastructure and areas

Simplify access control with site or role-based access permissions for employees and contractors. Pair with video security for visual verification and set door schedules around hours of operation.

Mitigate risk and exceed PCI compliance standards

Ensure that modern data security standards are met with cameras that retain up to 365 days of footage, redundant cloud-backup and detailed audit logs for reporting.

Accelerate emergency response

Discretely alert the police to an emergency situation with configurable panic buttons. Plus, set emergency response flows with custom lockdown scenarios and instant notifications.

One seamlessly integrated bank security system

Easily monitor, detect and respond to incidents across bank locations.

Protect assets, employees and customers at scale with a single platform to:

  • Monitor and manage devices
  • Detect and resolve incidents
  • Generate and respond to alerts

Key product offerings

  • Up to 10-year warranty and predictable renewal costs
  • No NVRs or DVRs – up to 365 days of onboard storage
  • Access from anywhere – no port-forwarding or VPNs
  • 24/7 technical support via email, phone or live chat
  • Bandwidth-friendly at 20-50 kbps in "steady state" mode
  • Enhanced user security with 2FA/SAML authentication
  • Unlimited user seats and cloud archiving
  • Automatic updates to unlock features and maintain security

Customer stories

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