Verkada for Emergency Response

Physical security tools for proactive, automated emergency response.

Hybrid cloud physical security tools for better emergency management

The initial minutes in an emergency are critical. Knowing what’s going on, and being able to quickly notify employees and take action are essential. With Verkada’s intuitive hybrid-cloud platform, organizations can enhance their emergency management capabilities to better prepare for and respond to emergency scenarios.

Make your environment safe inside and out

  • Hybrid-cloud video security system for fast deployment and simple, single-pane-of glass management.

  • Integrated door access and video security for simplified physical security.

  • Cloud-based alarms and professional monitoring to detect and respond to threats in real-time

Identify what matters with automated alerts

  • Set alerts based on door events, camera events, alarm events and more - all on one platform.

  • Utilize computer vision applications and professional video verification to stay informed without information overload

  • Get alerts anywhere via email, text message or in Verkada Command.

Save time and respond faster with Verkada

  • Take action in one tap from web, mobile, physical locks, or panic buttons

  • Notify key personal and stakeholders instantly to take immediate action.

  • Detect false alarms and separate real and false emergencies to respond only when needed.

Verkada Emergency Response

Use Verkada’s easy-to-deploy, cloud-based hardware to improve your emergency response capabilities.

The Operating System for Smart Buildings and Spaces

Verkada’s easy-to-install hardware products integrate seamlessly with Verkada Command to serve as the operating system of your building.

A Single Platform to Respond to and Resolve Incidents

Get more control and enhance your emergency management capabilities by integrating your response protocols with Verkada’s leading physical security technology stack.

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