Government-Grade Physical Security Solutions

The power of the Verkada platform for government organizations

Verkada’s government-grade offering currently includes the Verkada Command platform hosted in AWS GovCloud, which supports our FIPS-validated camera models and our visitor management solution, Verkada Guest.

Verkada Command in AWS GovCloud

US government customers* can choose to use Verkada Command hosted on AWS GovCloud, which gives them the flexibility to use our secure cloud solutions on top of the stringent security controls provided by AWS GovCloud. Command in AWS GovCloud currently supports our FIPS-validated camera models and Verkada Guest. * Access to Command in AWS GovCloud is limited to US government organizations, including federal, state, local, tribal, research institutions, federal contractors, or government contractors.

FIPS-validated cameras

Verkada offers four models of dome cameras and four models of bullet cameras that meet the FIPS 140-2 standard that matters for government-grade physical security. They have durable, vandal-resistant designs, advanced computer vision features, and are TAA and FY2019 NDAA compliant. The FIPS-validated camera models are compatible with Command in AWS GovCloud, as well as the standard Verkada Command platform.

Verkada Guest for government customers

Verkada Command in AWS GovCloud supports Verkada Guest, allowing government organizations to streamline check-in and provide a more welcoming experience for their visitors. Native camera integration helps organizations increase security by enabling them to immediately find footage of visitors as they move throughout the facilities.

Receive dedicated support

Verkada’s team works closely with government agencies and their partners to understand their unique requirements and provide one-on-one support for system design, pricing, installation, integration, onboarding, and training.

Government Contract Vehicles

See a list of Verkada’s government procurement contracts to help streamline purchasing.

Our Federal Advisory Board

Our Federal Advisory Board is comprised of esteemed leaders with decades of experience across various facets of the public sector. Their collective knowledge helps ensure that every solution we provide meets the exacting standards required by federal agencies. With their guidance, we're constantly refining our solutions for the future demands of the public sector.

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