“Feature Update”


Verkada Contacts: The Quickest Way to Share Live and Historical Footage

Verkada’s link sharing capabilities are instrumental in helping organizations across the globe respond to real-time situations. As one of our most critical features, we’re pleased to announce a number of enhancements, including saved Contacts, the ability to share with multiple people, and the ability to share only a live feed.

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Announcing Vehicle Analytics for More Efficient Investigations

At Verkada, we’re focused on building the world’s most robust physical security solution powered by advanced computer vision technology and edge-based analytics. Today, we’re adding a new cloud-based feature for customers to bring greater simplicity, speed, and awareness to their investigations with Vehicle Analytics.

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Verkada Announces People Analytics to Simplify Investigations

Today, Verkada is pleased to announce the general availability of our newest game-changing feature, People Analytics. Built on advanced computer vision technology that detects and compares people and faces in frame, People Analytics is another step forward as Verkada pushes the boundaries of enterprise video security...

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