“Security Cameras”

Nov 9

4 Cameras-in-1: Announcing Verkada's First Multisensor Camera

We are thrilled to introduce Verkada’s AI-enabled Multisensor. With four independent camera heads, the Multisensor provides comprehensive coverage from a single install point. Customers can now get the coverage of a Fisheye camera and the image detail of Dome cameras; all together in a single package.

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Aug 9

Verkada announces low-latency RTSP streaming

With RTSP, customers can stream footage from Verkada cameras to third party applications and support custom analytics, integrate with points-of-sale systems, or access video from within their existing infrastructure.

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Aug 8

Announcing bulk configuration of Motion, Crowd and Tamper events

On 8/29 we will support bulk configuration of Motion, Crowd and Tamper events. Previously, administrators had to set up these events individually per camera. Now, these customers can use our bulk edit functionality to quickly configure events across all their devices, thereby improving configuration quality and freeing up valuable time.

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