VerkadaOne VCE Training

Get VCE Certified at VerkadaOne

Thu, Jun 01
12:30 PM CST

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VerkadaOne VCE Training

Thursday, Jun 01 2023  12:30 PM CST

The Verkada Certified Engineer (VCE) Essentials course is a training consisting of in-person, hands-on training with Verkada products. In this training, attendees will learn how to properly test, deploy, and implement the Verkada Technology stack in their and customer environments.

This program currently consists of two courses: VCE Essentials and VCE Access Control Specialist. Each course is designed to help you become a technical expert in all Verkada product lines to better architect and implement security and building solutions.

At VerkadaOne attendees can attend a streamlined VCE Essentials Course that will cover the following:

  • Product Suite Overview (Cameras, Access Control, Air Quality, Alarms, Workplace)

  • System Architecture

  • Networking Best Practices

  • User Management and Permissioning

  • Notifications and Alerts

  • Feature Reviews

  • Installations, Accessories, and Mounts

  • Integrations

We look forward to having you join our VCE course at VerkadaOne in Austin.