Skyriver IT - Introduction to Hybrid Cloud Managed Security

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Skyriver IT - Introduction to Hybrid Cloud Managed Security

Aug 15, 2023  On Demand

Join us for an on demand webinar between Verkada and Skyriver IT, a leading managed service provider with offices in Southern California and Texas. Hosted by a panel of industry experts, watch the recording to learn about the latest advancements in physical security solutions and how they can benefit your organization.

Discover why so many companies have switched from on-premise, DVR / NVR-based systems to Verkada's cloud-based approach. From its intuitive yet powerful management interface to its advanced AI analytics for people and vehicle detection, see firsthand why more than 15,000 organizations worldwide trust Verkada to safeguard their people, property, and communities!

Your hosts are: - Aron Quiambao (Sales Marketing Supervisor, Skyriver IT) - Daniel Kravchuk (Business Development, Skyriver IT) - Skyler Munatones (Account Executive, Verkada)